BittaSack Gray Stripe
BittaSack Gray Stripe

BittaSack Gray Stripe

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BittaSack is a cozy blanket layer for your baby with a Wearable Lovie attached for comfort and self-soothing. 
BittaSack is the safe way to provide a Lovie in the crib. 
It's always in reach and can't be lost in the crib or tossed out of the crib. 

Unique features of the BittaSack include:
  • 100% cotton velour Lovies strategically placed where babies will find them for self soothing.
  • Internal Stay put adjustable diaper cover keeps BittaSack securely positioned.
  • Diagonal zipper makes diaper changing simple while baby stays in the BittaSack.
  • Shoulder snap closure for easy on and off.
  • BittaSack will not cover face or twist around baby.
  • Garment made of 100% natural cotton.
  • To be worn as blanket layer over sleepwear.
  • Starting at age 3 months.
5 Stars
Great Sleep Sack!
Our 5 month old loves this sleep sack. It is soft, warm, and comfy. The attached lovies are a great, safe way for her to self soothe. We will definitely be buying this again when she sizes up!
Reviewed by:  from Denver CO. on 2/28/2021
5 Stars
Best sleep sack
My baby loves this sleep sack the lovies and the zipper locations are perfect. I would like if they made one that is for cooler nights and then I would buy more!
Reviewed by:  from Broomfield. on 1/23/2021
5 Stars
Great sleep sacks!
I am very satisfied with my purchase. The coton is great quality. I’ve already washed it several times and it’s looks like new. The fabric is not too thick so I can use it both summer and winter. The size is also good. I will be able to use it for several months (my boy is 17 lbs, I took the medium size). The customer service is impeccable. I had a delivery problem (pandemic related). Jeff has been a great help. I do not hesitate to recommend this product!
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 9/2/2020
5 Stars
Pea Pod Sleep Consultants
Our social media manager tried out this sleep sack. Here are her thoughts: A couple key facts about my son’s sleep habits before I share my thoughts: He is just over a year old, so he’s very used to sleep sacks (we’ve used them from the start). He already has an attachment to lovies. I don’t recommend this in any way, but we introduced one about 6 months- against Joan and our pediatrician’s recommendation. I wish I had known about this sleep sack when my son was little. He used to try to get comfortable grabbing onto his sleep sack! He just wanted to grab onto something while he slept. I delayed months introducing a lovey- and still did so before it was truly safe. This sleep sack would have made me so much more comfortable meeting him where he was- too little to have a loose blanket in his crib, but wanting comfort. The attached loveys are terry cloth, so you could easily replicate it as your child gets older. The material is nice and soft- comparable to the popular sleep sack we’ve been using from day one. This sleep sack features a whole lot of fasteners- velcro, snaps, a zipper. It’s a bit complicated for a sleep-deprived parent! And if you have a very tired, wriggly baby, even harder. It’s not rocket science, though, so I would just recommend practicing a couple times with a happy baby first. Probably a good idea, anyway, to help them get used to it!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Milwaukee, WI. on 7/24/2020
5 Stars
We LOVE this sleep sack
Baby just woke up 30 minutes into his nap, and I watched him (via the monitor) grab the lovey from his sleep sack, rub it, and fall back asleep. He's quickly outgrowing his so I'm buying the next size up so we have it ready!
Reviewed by:  from Chicago. on 7/16/2020
5 Stars
This item was referred to me by a sleep consultant and it worked like a charm since the day it arrived. Great quality, great company
Reviewed by:  from California . on 5/20/2020
5 Stars
The Only Sleep Sack We Use
After discovering the BittaSack, it is the only sleep sack that we use. Our baby plays with the little attached lovies until he falls asleep, and he uses them to soothe himself when he wakes up in the night. We bring these sleep sacks everywhere we go and have also given them as gifts. They are great!!
Reviewed by:  from Mill Valley, CA . on 11/7/2019
2 Stars
Quality Control
Pros: + lovies are soft, and well-positioned for baby to find + bottom-up zipper makes it easy to close Cons: - the anti-twist crotch strap always comes undone, and it takes longer to dry than the rest of the sack. - One of the shoulder buttons does not stay fastened - Material shrinks considerably - Areas where lovie attaches begins to degrade, due to stress of baby constantly tugging at it Review: Our little fella loves these lovies, so this sack with pre-attached lovies is the only option. The sack isn't as high quality as other competitors, and they tend to shrink. The lovies get absolutely disgusting, which requires a wash for each use. We buy these because it is less effort than creating and sewing on lovies to other sleep sacks. However, we're not super in love with the products, as the quality control tends to be a bit spotty. My suggestions: (1) Get rid of the crotch strap. It always comes undone, and it just adds unnecessary bulk. It also adds significant drying time, which increases likelihood of shrinkage. (2) Use some sort of reinforcement on the areas where lovie attaches. This area tears often. (3) Higher quality cotton might shrink less. (4) Make the sack slightly longer to account for potential shrinkage.
Reviewed by:  from Washington, DC. on 6/25/2019

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