BittaSack Pink Circle
BittaSack Pink Circle

BittaSack Pink Circle

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Small 3-9 months
10-20 pounds
Medium 9-18 months
16-28 pounds
Large 18-24 months
24-36 pounds
BittaSack is a cozy blanket layer for your baby with a Wearable Lovie attached for comfort and self-soothing. 
BittaSack is the safe way to provide a Lovie in the crib. 
It's always in reach and can't be lost in the crib or tossed out of the crib. 

Unique features of the BittaSack include:
  • 100% cotton velour Lovies strategically placed where babies will find them for self soothing.
  • Internal Stay put adjustable diaper cover keeps BittaSack securely positioned.
  • Diagonal zipper makes diaper changing simple while baby stays in the BittaSack.
  • Shoulder snap closure for easy on and off.
  • BittaSack will not cover face or twist around baby.
  • Garment made of 100% natural cotton.
  • To be worn as blanket layer over sleepwear.
  • Starting at age 3 months.
5 Stars
Love this!!
Best sleep sack I’ve ever purchased! My little one loves it and sleeps through the night with it on.
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 6/27/2018
5 Stars
Love it!!
My daughter loves to play with things as she falls asleep or while she goes back to bed - this is perfect! And it keeps her warm but not hot!
Reviewed by:  from Texas . on 10/18/2017
5 Stars
Love this!
We were recommended to use this sleep sack by our sleep consultant while sleep training. We were concerned that our daughter was almost 5 months old and still needing to be swaddled to sleep at night. We made the transition from one night to the next. Although, at first she did wake herself up throughout the night a couple of times (as expected with any change), I was amazed to see how well and quickly she adjusted to the sleep sack. She normally hates every other one which was why we swaddled her for so long. While in the sleep sack, she felt secure and warm but it also allowed her to move her arms and hold things. In the morning, she entertains herself by playing with the attached lovies. I highly recommend this item to anyone looking for a great sleep sack!
Reviewed by:  from Boston. on 8/21/2017
5 Stars
We bought these as we started "sleep training" our little girl. So far, they have worked out great! She has "found" the attached lovies and chews on them. We also make putting her in the BittaSack part of our nap and bedtime routines.
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 3/2/2017
3 Stars
Nice and lightweight however I wish the loveys were a softer material.
Reviewed by:  from Albany. on 2/27/2017
5 Stars
Awesome product
I won this item as a party of a baby giveaway. To be honest I had never heard of them before winning. However this is definitely a gift I would purchase from now on for anyone having a new baby. My daughter is 7 months and sleeps so good with hers and loves her lovies!
Reviewed by:  from Buffalo, NY. on 10/28/2016
5 Stars
100% satisfied
I love the BittaSack! It is super easy to get my baby in and out of it and makes changing diapers easy to where the baby doesn't have to be moved to change them. Another thing we love is how soft the material is.
Reviewed by:  from Louisiana. on 10/14/2016
5 Stars
My daughter loves this sleepsack! She loves feeling snug with the fabric insert inside the sleepsack that goes around her bottom, as well as the lovies to hold onto at night.
Reviewed by:  from US. on 10/4/2016

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